This module gives each Agency the ability to update their main contact information, create and manage user accounts for their agents and manage viewer access to their performer list. And with the new invitation engine, Agency administrators can quickly and easily set up a view-only account for anyone they choose.

Here's how it works:

The control panel features are available to each Agency's administrator-level account holders under Admin in the top menu.

1. Click the Agency Settings link in the drop-down menu to update your basic Agency contact information.

2. Click the Agency Users menu link to display the Agency User Account control panel. This control panel allows Agency administrators to create, edit and delete internal user accounts for their own staff. Agent-level accounts allow staff members to manage performer profiles, upload photos and view/manage their own Casting Requests.

Click the "Add User" button to create a new internal user account for your Agency.

3. Click the Agency Viewers menu link to manage the list of users who are permitted to view your Agency roster when logged in to Agencyclick.

This allows Agency administrators to control viewer access to their roster.

The "Invite Viewer" button allows administrators to quickly create and send an e-mail invitation to someone that would like to view their roster as a guest.

The invitation contains a password that can be used to log in to Agencyclick and view the sender's roster of performers.

Agency Viewers can also create and send Casting Requests.