Advantage - Billing

Questions related to your Agencyclick Advantage account billing.

Agencyclick Advantage - Update Credit Card
  Change the credit card used to pay for your Advantage subscription : (1) Login to your account and select the Account Details tab. ...
Tue, 3 Dec, 2019 at 1:25 PM
Agencyclick Advantage - Automatic Renewal
  Question: Hi there, Filmrobot Systems automatically charged my account for an Agencyclick renewal. In the future, I do not want it to charge my account ...
Tue, 3 Dec, 2019 at 1:32 PM
Cancel Advantage Account
Agencyclick subscriptions are automatically renewed at the end of each payment cycle unless the service is canceled by the performer. To Cancel your Age...
Wed, 3 Mar, 2021 at 12:12 PM
Advantage - declined credit card payments
  If your Visa or Mastercard payment attempt was declined, but you think it should have been approved, please first check with your card company. It's...
Fri, 19 Sep, 2014 at 2:15 PM
Advantage Upgrade - Signup
  Q: How do I get started? Is an office visit for Advantage membership sign up and photo shoot involved? A:  It's not necessary to visit your agent...
Tue, 3 Dec, 2019 at 1:28 PM